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Cowgirls Forever Website Design

This is a fun Website Design that I did a couple years ago. Cowgirls Forever is an Arizona Company, located just outside of Phoenix, and one of my favorites. They started out by needing a logo. While on vacation in Mexico and in a moment of true inspiration, they sketched out what they thought they wanted for the logo – in the sand. Yep, a bare heel dragged in the sand, walking backwards, to create the ‘sketch’. They emailed a photo of this sketch to me and that was the beginning of telling the world about Cowgirls Forever.

Once the logo was completed and approved, we started brainstorming on the website. There was a pre-existing site, but it was old and completely outdated. We made a list all of the new components that needed to be present in the new site. Since it was a western motif and about entertainment, there was plenty of room to have fun. I created a custom grunge photo frame and started building the photo library. After enhancing the contrast and colors of the photos – they were looking so good that my stomach pretty-much growled through the entire project.

This was not the type of site to be contained in boxes with a stiff, formal layout. It had to be free-form style, breaking all boundaries and having a cowgirl quote and photo of food on every page. Cuevo’s giant ears (a mule) on the Contact Page next to “We’re Listening” was a must. The copy is written in a playful western voice, like the thank you page confirming that your email was received: “Thank you for contacting us! As soon as we put the fire out, we’ll be back in touch!” It turned out to be a website that was a whole lot of fun. See for yourself: https://www.cowgirlsforever.net

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