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Print Marketing & Then Some

This is another example of Print Marketing that I was privileged to design and produce for To Scale. We started with a new logo that I designed from scratch. The client chose the colors and needed something instantly recognizable. Since his work was to survey, I included a Total Station on a Tripod, with an airbrushed beam projecting from it.

Once the logo was ready, I designed the total stationery package including business cards, letterhead and #10 envelopes. We had some of the letterhead die cut to insert a business card. I designed two different label layouts, one for shipping and one for the client’s file folders.

An interesting piece that the client was really excited about, was to print some rolodex cards and have them laminated. At the time of this print, rolodex are still widely used in his industry (just as faxes are still widely used in some industries). Being able to hand the rolodex card to his potential client, and having it ‘stand-out’ in their rolodex file, was a great tool for the client.

The last piece that the client needed was a postcard, to be handed out or mailed. I created a Postcard Campaign for him that took him through his first year. The campaign required 6 different messages that I designed and had digitally printed. The mailing schedule was simple, and I walked him through the bulk mailing process.

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