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Make Print Marketing Inviting

A group of union men approached me about designing and producing an invitation for their upcoming President’s Dinner as part of their Print Marketing Campaign. Past events attendance had been low, so they wanted something inspiring to pump-up the interest and make members want to come to this year’s event. ‘Designing by committee’ is never easy because there are so many opinions and sometimes opposing opinions. I presented several ideas and worked with the group until we came up with a Mardi Gras theme and we had a winner! Any Print Marketing for this event was simple to design from that point on.

I designed the graphic that appeared on the invitation as well as all other collateral material. After the design and print costs were approved, I cut a sample piece of the stock (paper) and dropped this and some strips of ribbon into an A6 envelope. I took this down to the US Post Office to make sure it wouldn’t exceed the standard mailing weight and incur additional mailing costs. It fit within the standard mailing weight for invitations. We were able to stay within budget and approved for production.

This was a quick turnaround project and I ended up tying the ribbons on 350 invites myself – ‘such is a designer’s life’. You make it happen. It took several tries to get the exact type of knot and be able to tie it consistently the same way. But it was worth it and my clients told me that it was a huge success and attendance was double from last year.

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