Affordable Custom Logo Design

A Very Custom Logo Design

Here’s a logo that was designed for a virtual shop owner in Arizona. This client came to me looking for an affordable, custom logo design. She’s a public school teacher and is building a side business to run when she retires. This client came with a clear idea of how her logo should look. She sent me photos of herself and Brigitte Bardot, images of glassware that she collects and will sell. Along with this, she sent a butterfly chair photo, a coffee cup photo, several background shape images and eventually some shoes photos.

My job was to combine all of these elements and illustrate an image of her in a Bardot style including the teased-up hair. We went through a few revisions as she became further inspired on what fabric the slacks should have = more vintage glasses! The casual viewer may not even notice these particulars. But it was extremely important to my client to be thorough in all details, no matter how tiny. We did have to exaggerate the diamond ring to make sure it could be seen. And I have to admit it was challenging to get the hand holding the coffee cup to balance on the chair and still look natural.



When the elements started falling into place, I did several layouts to play with various fonts in the title name. The final choice was a very fun font called “Sparkly”. I went back and forth between Illustrator and Photoshop to achieve the final results. This type of logo design will hold-up great in medium to large presentations.