Web Graphic Design

We Are More with Prezi

One of my specialties is Web Graphic Design. Web Graphics look great in a Prezi! For those of you who haven’t heard about Prezi – you’re in for a treat! I learned about this free online tool through a school teacher and was intrigued. Teachers use it for presentations, or they encourage students to learn how to break down a topic or build collaboration skills using Prezi.

I had an opportunity to play with Prezi after I experienced a layoff. I was feeling quite existential, so my message was to “set yourself free!” which was totally appropriate at that moment. It was a great excuse to learn the software and utilize some art therapy at the same time. Going for a whimsical look, I began with a Photoshopped image of a panda with cartoon eyes. I used a watercolor filter on the background vegetation to enforce that whimsical feel. The “more” was created in Illustrator and there’s about 100 words in it. I think it’s powerful to sit down every once in a while and try to describe yourself. I think it’s even more challenging to morph all the words into the shape of one word!

The thing I love most about Prezi is the zooming capabilities. The viewer glides effortlessly to the next image in the story. This is a powerful tool that can offer video links, website links, attached documents for downloading – it’s crazy cool. Here’s my “We are More” Prezi: https://prezi.com/ikg5bk0b7qjl/we-are-more/

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