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Print Marketing & Metal Sign

Print Marketing can go in all kinds of different directions. With Barnes-Miller Learning Tree, a wonderful daycare center, it went all to way to a custom metal sign! After painting several murals for this center (see future posts), the owner approached me to ask about helping her with her Print Marketing. We started with my designing the logo, which was incorporated into her stationery: business cards (the oval rings were embossed), letterhead and #10 envelopes. We went with greyscale envelopes so we’d have the budget to do the embossing on the business cards. Then we took it a step further and I designed a mailer. We saved about 25% by printing the letterhead and the mailer ‘shell’ (just the background colors, no copy) together. From there, these ‘mailer shells’ could be printed on the center’s office printer, using whatever message they wanted. Sometimes these mailer shell insides were just used as ‘closed for the holiday’ signs.

By understanding the center’s budget, I was able to design a logo that would hold-up well as a greyscale image for the #10 envelopes or black & white ads. It actually looked great as a black & white graphic and the client was pleased.

Once the Print Marketing was underway, our attention turned to the center needing a sign. Due to my experience with laser cutting, I was able to design and get pricing on creating something pretty special for the center. After I designed and created the cutting path, Hillcore Machine (503.288.8918) helped me produce the metal portion of the sign and mounting hanger. Once Steve McKenzie, owner of Hillcore Machine had the material anodized, I had the black ‘hanger’ piece powder coated. Then it was time to hand paint the logo on to the oval on one side using exterior sign enamel paint. Since this was a one direction entrance, I hand painted “Have a Nice Day!” on the other side. Hillcore Machine designed and produced the mounting fixture and installed the sign. I drive by the sign occasionally and have been impressed that the colors haven’t faded.

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