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Versatile Print Marketing

How do you design Print Marketing in the form of a high-end, interesting brochure that can speak to various factions of the medical field? You create a blank cover with a die cut window that will show the logo through the center of the window. Then you create the insert that will always have the same copy on one side of the sheet (which includes the logo) and leave the other side blank. Then set these covers and inside sheets on the shelf and get ready for the final step.

This project had a 2 year projection with a large base quantity to start with, then smaller quantity imprints as needed. As a new focus group was identified, copy was written and the layout on that 2nd sheet side was completed. Then the smaller quantity of covers and inside sheets for that focus group were pulled off the shelf, the 2nd side of the sheet was imprinted and off to the bindery for finishing!

The size of the insert was folded into quarters for maximum space for messaging. Once unfolded, the ‘center-spread’ (so to speak) was large and could hold lots of images and important messaging to the specific focus group. This insert saddle-stitched into the cover and fit nicely into an A6 envelope. Almost disguised as an invitation, it was too irresistible not to open and inside was found an interesting marketing piece that you had to open and fold out – just to see what it was all about.

I saved the client over 30% of the total cost (versus if they had run each version in individual orders). I had the brochure printed in a higher quantity on a larger press on the first run, then imprinting the inserts in smaller quantities as needed on a smaller press.  This resulted in strong, consistent branding and the freedom of unlimited versions of focus pieces.

I also designed invitations that we used with the die cut covers. Brochures + Invitations = a super versatile marketing piece!

All Logo Design + Print Marketing Project orders receive a free Brand Guideline Sheet.