A Perfect Coffee Cup – Graphic Design

If you haven’t heard of the iPhone App called Percolator – check it out! It’s super fun, a great Graphic Design tool and has endless options on how to make your image extra special. Once you’ve played around with it and landed on your favorite look, then the real really fun begins!

The developers of this quirky app made the transformation of your image a true coffee experience. The process moves you through the following steps: Grind, Brew, Serve. If you’re looking for a ‘retro look’, you’ll have lots of features to experiment with to create the perfect effect. Some of the looks include circles, rings and stars.

The resulting graphic can be imported into multiple software programs and from there you can create web graphics, print graphics, post images, video graphics, presentation graphics – you name it. The coffee cup graphic you see here was created for a client’s note cards.

You can also post directly to most social media. Applying the Percolator Design technique to the majority of your images can also create a ‘brand-look’ for you. Once the viewer sees the ‘circle-style’ appearing in your marketing, and if you are consistent with using this look – they will immediately identify the image with your company brand. This is yet another way to set yourself apart ~ in a subtle, beautiful way.