Schematic Design is Invaluable

I had the privilege of representing the Sealy Account while working as an Account Manager. The client needed help with putting together a portable backdrop piece for his Costco table booth, including a Schematic Design. He brought a list of criteria to meet: affordable, eye-catching, legible from 10 feet, lightweight, sturdy and durable. After we compiled a materials list and produced a few test runs – success! We had a piece that met all of his demands, and fit within his projected budget!

Once the materials and production had been proven, I created the Schematic Design using Corel Draw software. Both the overhead view and the side view are included in the layout. All dimensions and material descriptions were captured on the sheet as well. This Schematic Design was invaluable to my production team because they could use it as a guide for ordering materials. It was also a ‘road map’ for the production team and packing instructions for the shipping department. But best of all, the client had documentation of how his investment would be produced and assembled. Our production was flawless, on time and the client was thrilled! With a proven system, we ended up making several variations to the original Schematic Design- two of them are shown here.